Where does the name "StoneMountain64" come from?

'Stonemountain' is my last name translated to English, and '64' comes from the Nintendo64 which was my first gaming console and got me started. 


How long have you been making content?

I bought a recording device for my xbox and started editing in iMovie during my Sophomore year of college. I created my Youtube channel on Sept 26, 2011. Have not gone more than 1 week without a piece of content since then, typically releasing 3-8 videos per week with weekly streams. Now I stream 6 days a week on Facebook with plenty of content on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter throughout the week.


What equipment do you use?

Full detailed outline of my setup

Interested in streaming?

When I first started producing content streaming did not exist yet. Along the way I have gained quite the knowledge and wanted to start something that could help other people turn their passion of gaming into a career. So I have created a list of the top 10 tips and a community called pipeline that will help you along your journey.

Contact info:

Subscribers, please 
tweet me for comments & questions! I don't open up DMs due to volume but happy to chat publicly or if you ever see me at an event say hi! 

PO box for fanmail:
PO Box 872785
Vancouver, WA 98687