What is the best way to support?

First off, thank you for your interest in supporting me. That is how I am able to do everything I do and I am always pushing to do more! Please check out my Supporter video to learn everything you need to know about becoming a supporter! 



If you want to directly contribute to me and don’t want to do it through FB here is my link to my PayPal. Thank you for the continued support and your donations will help allow me to continue to create awesome content.

Benefits of becoming a supporter

  • Supporter Group

  • Stickers

  • Supporter Badge

  • Highlighted Message

  • Discount on Merch



Stars are a tip you can send me along with a message or sticker if you like while I am live! Every star you send me, I receive 1 cent AND if you purchase on your computer you get more stars to send. Once you have stars on your account, you send them from your phone or anytime you're watching a stream. It's completely optional, but a fun thing I incorporated 😄


My Merch game has been stepped up and this is a great way to show your love as well as let others know you watch the Commanding Officer. 


 Fall line coming soon.


When Facebook sees engagement on my channel, they show it to more people on their feeds. You clicking those hearts goes a really long way in helping the channel grow! And turning on Live notifications ensures you catch the streams in the first place!