Meet the Core Team!

My Core Team is a squad of 3 individuals who perform crucial tasks behind the scenes for me.
The team, as a whole, oversees 3 separate areas for me: operations, community and content.

As the streams and the channel have scaled exponentially, the Core Team has allowed me to keep up with the growth; I can stay focused on keeping the content fresh and improving in any way I can!

Josh "JayBee" Bunch

Operations Manager

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Josh, based out of Washington state, USA is a full-time employee at my mom's basement. When he's not working, he's either snowboarding or enjoying the outdoors. He thinks he could beat me at Call of Duty but we haven't put that to the test quite yet (if he does beat me I will definitely call him out for hacking).


He's been part of the team since 2019 and is the first in-person employee that I've ever had. That means while I am yelling at the stream all day, he is in the next room over making sure everything is running smoothly. Tasks he does includes contract relations, scheduling, giveaways, content ideas, stream quality, review team management and a whole lot more. He is the man behind the scenes who is keeping everyone on track. If you hear me on stream ask "Jay" to do anything, Josh is who I am referring to.


He's available on discord but most of the time you are going to have better luck reaching Alex.

Alex "AlexK" Kumar

Community Manager

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Alex, based out of southern Indiana, USA 
is a professional photographer that works in the communications and marketing department at a D1 university. When he's not out taking photos for work or leisure, he's probably playing CS:GO or MS Flight Sim on his PC or playing one of his guitars. He and his wife Emily love to travel around, in their car-camping setup.

He's been a part of the SM64 team since
mid-2014, where he started as one of my first Twitch chat mods. He's officially been my Community Manager since 2017. Currently, he manages all moderator teams along with running the Discord server and both Facebook groups. Additionally, Alex assists with various social media tasks and analytics for the community as a whole.

He's readily available on the Discord or Facebook, and encourages the community to reach out to him if needed for any specific reason. If you ever have issues with anything community-related, Alex is your guy.

Quinn "quinnmmkay" McKay

Content Manager

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Quinn, based out of Colorado, USA, is an IT/Business Analytics professional. If he’s not in the office, he’s on his motorcycle, gaming, or wake surfing. He comes from a musical family, currently playing the double bass around the Denver bluegrass scene in his free-time and helps his father run his custom guitar and restoration business.

Quinn joined my team in early 2018 as I looked to build my presence on Facebook and deliver more content. His PR firm, MmKay Socials, is focused on the publishing, distribution, and consultation of SM64 content across all social media platforms.


Reach out to Quinn if you have feedback on the content!